Monday, June 28, 2010


Berita Harian 28th June 2010 reported that not many Malays registered to become a voter. The ratio is 1 Malay to 40 Non Malays.This is indeed alarming.

I am not surprise with the report because many of my Malay friends are yet to register themselves. From my experience, lots of my friends have the "Nantilah" attitude. Honestly, sometimes I feel down when I invited them to register as a voter and they replied "Kita orang bukan macam kau Anas. Tak minat lah politik". I feel down because indirectly they are saying that I'm different. Maybe they are right. I am different because I am aware of my responsibility. I love my country and I want to make sure that the right person shall helm the power to determine the future of my country.

You need not to pay anything to register as a voter. You just need to bring your MyKad. That is all. Register now because time is running out. Why am I saying that? It is because many political analysts believe that the next general election will be early next year.

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Iman really loves to put on nice clothes. She wears ear-ring now.

Unlike Iman, Amni has not shown any keen to put on nice dress and clothes YET. But, Amni is still young. We will see later.

Why is it so hard to ask them to look at the camera and smile? Am I a bad uncle?

Kids... They are very fast in making up new friends. Why can adult do the same thing?
Why cant I?

Bapak borek anak rintik.
Iman's parents are lawyers. That is why Iman shows some lawyer's skill. Last night, I told Iman that if she wanted to go out and watch Toys Story 3 with me, she has to lend her Ipod to me. After a few dolak dalih, she said "Ok. But I have to IMPOSE A CONDITION, I lend you my Ipod and you will lend me your laptop".
I was surprised with what she said until I was speechless. At a very early age, she already have a negotiation skills. I believe I suppose to reply back by saying "No lending my laptop! I will only bring you to watch Toys Story 3 if you lend me your Ipod. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT"

Whatever it is, Kids certainly lighten up our day and even lighten up the whole world

Sunday, June 13, 2010


One word to describe my vacation: AWESOME!!!! I have to say that indeed it was really awesome! I enjoy each and every seconds of it. It was difficult for me to return back to Malaysia. Today, I woke up and realized that I’m no longer in The Hague made me feel sad. 18 days is not enough. I wish that I can stay there longer.

I had explored many things when I was there. I had to do lots of great stuff and activities. Here are some pictures. ENJOY:

Amni. My niece. When I arrived, she was sleeping. I tried to wake her up. I said to her I had cadeau (gift), she then ran towards the guest's room and sat in front of my luggage. She is obsess with presents. :-)

On the other hand, her little brother, when I arrived, he kept on sleeping although I kissed him few times. He didn't bother to wake up.

Madurodum. The place where they design miniature of interesting places in The Netherlands. It is just behind my brother's apartment.

The miniature of their airport. Oh yes. I forget to mention. When I arrived at the airport, initially I was refused entry. The reason was I had not enough money to survive in Amsterdam. I had only 300euro with me. I had to explain to them that I was visiting my brother and therefore, I wouldn't need a lot of money as accommodation and meal will be provided by my brother. I think they were suspicious with me especially because according to my passport, the last place I visited is Saudi Arabia. I had to gave my sister-in-law's phone number and the Immigration officer called her. My sis-in-law came to the rescue. :-)

The palace

The Parliament and Prime Minister's office. Anas and politics cant be separated. They were on the heat of general election when I was there. The election was a day before my departure back to Malaysia. I will write about my comments on their election result later. :-)

I AMsterdam

Bicycle tour with my brother. Initially, it was not raining but after half of the journey, it started to rain. Nevertheless, it was great. It will be an unforgettable memories.

Windmill in the middle of Amsterdam

Volundum: The fishing village

Delft: The old church

The view inside the old church

Delft: The new church (Royal Monument Tower). 276 stairs. I climbed it! Very tiring but it paid off. :-)

The prove that I climbed the tower!

The view from the tower.

Malaysian Embassy in The Hague

The Malaysian Food Fair 2010. My sister-in-law opened a stall. I help her to manage the stall. We sold Pulut Seri Muka and Chicken Rice.

Pulut Seri Muka made by my sis-in-law. Very delicious. Sold out rapidly.

Few dutch people performing silat during the fair.

Amni tried to show her silat skills. It was hilarious.

Amni pengsan after helping her Mama at the stall.

In front of the International Court of Justice. This is the place where we lost our Pulau Batu Putih.

World Peace Flame. More than 100 countries signed a declaration to keep this world peace. Israel is one of the country but what are they doing now???

On my last day, I brought Amni to the playground. I had fun with her. She did not want to go back home. My brother and I had to bribe her with chocolate. But on our way back home, we bumped into a group of school children. The children had ice cream with them. So, Amni cried for an ice cream after that.

The rose garden. I know this is not rose. Sorry, bunga ros belum berbunga lagi.

The rose garden

Now my mother is over there with my twin. They departed last night. I am left with my father. Therefore, starting today and for the next 2 weeks, pagi makan nasi bungkus, tengah hari makan nasi bungkus and malam makan nasi bungkus.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Wow. This blog still exist. Ok. I know, I have not been putting any post for a long time already. I put the blame on exams. I have been busy focusing on exams. I think, from 24 hours in a day, more than half of it, I spent for studying. So, I believe I’m NERD. In fact, I am SUPER NERD.

The exam is finally over and the result is out already. Alhamdulillah, I passed. I don’t know about my marks but at the moment, the marks are not important as long as I know that I have passed the exam and eligible to proceed to the next phase of becoming a doctor. Now, I have completed 1 out of the 3 phases of MBBS programme in IIUM.

Honestly, I am a bit frustrated that I did not get any distinction in Phase 1. I aimed for at least one distinction. I thought I would be able to get a distinction in the final exam of Year 2 Block 4 because the exam was relatively easy. I did get a high marks. However, the marks were still not enough to qualify me to get a distinction. But, never mind. I know that I had worked my best and it was not my rezeki to get a distinction.

Now that the exam is finally over, I have 7 weeks of holiday. I have yet to plan my holiday. I only planned for the first 2 weeks that is I won’t be in Malaysia. I’m heading to Amsterdam. To visit my niece and my newborn nephew. It has been a very long time since the last time I met my niece. She was only 9 months at that time and now she is nearly 3 years old. As for my nephew, this will be the first time I met him. Geram nak dukung and gigit pipi both of them. Hehehe. I’ll be departing on 24th May and arriving back in Malaysia on 11th June. I’ll be there for 18 days. My twin and my mother will be going there on 12th June and be back after about 18 days as well. We will not be going together since my father is not going. So, someone has to be with him at home. Because of this, though my holiday is 7 weeks, I will be seeing my mother and my twin for about 5 to 10 days only. Sigh

Ok. I think I better go now. I haven’t started packing yet. I don’t know what to bring. Oh yeah.. With the volcano eruption, I am praying that I won’t be stranded at any airport alone.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I’m old. I celebrated my birthday last Monday. Thank you for all the wishes and gifts. (But keep that coming.. Hehehee)

Oh yeah… Happy birthday to Afif. Fyi, Afif is getting an Iphone. Another reason for me to hate him. But, actually I don’t have to hate him. His closest friend back in school told me that Afif is jealous with me. Afif is jealous that I have a car. He hates that everyone use “Kereta Anas” to address the car that I used in Kuantan. Hahaha. Sah, kita org nie kembar. Asyik cemburu antara satu sama lain. HAHAHAHA


I just finished my exam last Wednesday. Now, I’m back at home. I will be on holiday for 10 days. I’m planning to spend my holiday with studying. Ok2. You can call me nerd if you wish. I need to study. I think I’ve wasted a lot of time this block. Plus, I’m sitting for a major exam this May and I haven’t prepared a thing. Nevertheless, if you want to ask me out, I’m ready! Just give me a call. I don’t want to spend the whole entire holiday in front of book. I must go out as well.

Back to the topic of the discussion, I would like to take this opportuinity to remind us all on the reason why we are here today. As a Muslim, we should understand the purpose of our creation, and that we are born to be leaders on this earth. Allah says in the Quran

“And [mention, O Muhammad], when your Lord said to the angels, „Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority.(Al-Baqarah: 30)

As leaders, our responsible is to put Islam at the highest level and carry out its duties and obligations as commanded by Allah SWT. The question that I wish posed to the readers is “Are we doing a good job?”

Last Thursday, there’s an article in the newspaper about stupid individual/s (I prefer to call them stupid because of their act) dumping his/her/their baby. The baby was found at an entrance to a surau with the baby’s body full with ants. This is inhumane! According to the authority, the baby was believed to be born just a few hours before being dumped. Today, there’s a similar story. There are similar stories that had taken place before this. So, I conclude that currently, dumping of babies has become a “trend”. I’m really sad and mad because of this. The babies are innocent. Their parents are stupid, cruel and all the bad things. The enjoyed the free sex and once “terlanjur”, they don’t want the babies and shy of public perception’s towards them so they throw it away like nothing is wrong with it. This is due to the absence of fear towards sinful actions. Entertainments that are made to attract us to not remembering Allah are everywhere. The free mixing among boys and girls. In simple words, there is no fear towards Allah anymore.

I am writing about this because I feel obligated to prevent this from getting worse. I know that my act wont help much but Islam will not be espoused fully except when good is enjoined and evil is forbidden amongst mankind.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can’t describe my feelings at the moment. I am really upset, angry and piss off. All my hard works become useless just in few seconds. Reason? I was appointed to become one of the committee members for Triple-I Medical Symposium 2010. The programme is schedule this Saturday and Sunday. We have been working hard for months to organize it. But last Wednesday evening, we received a directive order by the Rector’s office ordering us to CANCEL our programme. I repeat CANCEL! Not postponed. The approval of the programme had been retracted just only a few days before the programme. The thing that made me even upset and angry is that they never actually gave us the reasons. We are now in the process of getting clarification from them.

I had spent a lot of times and money for this. I was the person in-charge to invite all the speakers. Inviting speakers, I must say is not an easy task. I had to call them many times. Some of the speakers could not make it. So I had to find a replacement. There you see it, it’s not an easy task. The speakers had already agreed to come and some of them had bought tickets to come to Kuantan. We also had booked the accommodation for the speakers. Can you see, a lot of money had been spent. All these are put into waste.

For my part, as I was the person in-charge to invite the speaker, I had been assigned to break the bad news to the speakers. Terpaksa bermuka tebal. All of them ask me the reasons and all I can say is that I don’t know. I am still figuring it out. Some of them express their disappointment and anger at me. I am an innocent bystander!

I’m trying to look it from the positive side. Maybe there’s a hikmah behind all these. But because of all these, I’m not in the mood to organize any programme in the near future and I don’t want to be in-charge of inviting speakers anymore after this! This incident has successfully tarnished my reputation and image. Thank you very much!